dinsdag 2 september 2014

Barcelona Moustaches Time - Bracket

Because so many people asked me to do this....

I did the groups, so it's time to look at the bracket. Based on the results of my group predictions (Group 1 and group 2), the first round of the Winners Bracket would look like this:

Winners Bracket - Round 1

Game 1: Seed 8 vs Seed 9
Toulouse QC vs Sparcs

Game 2: Seed 2 vs Seed 7
Lunatica QC vs Paris Phénix

Game 3: Seed 3 vs Seed 6
Brussels Qwaffles vs Deurne Dodos

Game 4: Seed 5 vs Seed 4
The Mighty and Amazing Quercs vs Barcelona Eagles

Game 5: Winner Game 1 vs Seed 1
Toulouse/Sparcs vs Los Conquidstadors

Game 1: Seed 8 vs Seed 9
Toulouse QC vs Sparcs

Battle of the losers. Not saying that they are losers, but they just finished bottom of their groups. I'm pretty sure this will game will happen. The Sparcs will have played about the best teams on the tournament yet and will have played 1 more game than Toulouse. Also Toulouse will have had more rest by this game. When Toulouse doesn't have any games anymore in the group stages, the Sparcs still had. This will give Toulouse the perfect opportunity to look what the playing style is of the Sparcs. In every way I think about it, Toulouse has all the advantages. They have more experience, have more rest, have played less games, etc etc. Toulouse will win.

Game 2: Seed 2 vs Seed 7
Lunatica QC vs Paris Phénix

Both of these teams have never met before. Lunatica took the top spot in Group 2, but it's not because Phénix only got 4th in Group 1, that they are not equal. Both teams are tend to play really fast. The key players to look out for will be Valentin Farese (Paris Phénix) and Andrea Miglietta (Lunatica QC). When it comes down to beater play, Lunatica should be the better team. French teams are known for their lack of bludger play. Lunatica has a strong defense, where they combine their beaters with man-pressing chasers. Paris Phénix is known for their strong chasers in offense. If Lunatica doesn't start with a gap of at least 3 hoops, they might experience some problems. One way or another, Phénix always finds a gap to score (watch for Valentin to run into them). Lunatica should get room on the other side on the field, because Phénix is an offensive team. Their keeper, Arnaud De Cintaz, tends to move up too much which makes it really easy to infiltrate Phénix's hoops. Also Phénix beaters tend to go up with the offensive chasers. If Lunatica plays it smart and can use Phénix's speed to their advantage, they'll win. And I know Lunatica can play really smart. If it'd come down to a snitch catch, Lunatica would win. So I think Lunatica can pull this one off. It'll be a game everyone would love to watch! The biggest reason I give it to Lunatica, is because this game can get decided with smart speed. And you need energy for speed. Lunatica will have had less games and more rest.

Game 3: Seed 3 vs Seed 6
Brussels Qwaffles vs Deurne Dodos

Oh dear god no. When I was arranging that not-so-fancy graphic above, I literally was like "oh god no. This can't be true." Ahhh. The great old Belgian derby. These 2 teams have had some past already. They were found around the same time, have played several friendlies already and played a nail-biting thriller game at EQC for a World Cup VII spot. The Qwaffles won at EQC, but never managed to win against the Dodos since. Although, the Qwaffles' keeper, Nicola Grosjean, was injured because of EQC for half a season and could not play in the friendlies. Also several players who were at EQC for the Qwaffles could not attend those friendlies. The main force behind the bronze medal of the Qwaffles will attend BMT. This game... oh jesus! No, I'm not talking about James Burnett, although, I can totally use him to make a jump to what this game will really about.... beaters! Damien Leclaire and Laura Mailleux vs Louis Lermytte and Inke Gieghase. Both duos are one of the best beater male-female duos in Europe. To all the beaters in all the teams... if this game happens... you should totally watch this game! But of course hoops have to be made. With Seppe De Wit and Faber Huyse on the Dodos side, and Tanghi Brunalunettes and myself on the other side, this will also be beautiful. Just everything on this game will be beautiful. Brussels won't really be having much female power in chasing, but nor has Dodos. At this moment, I think Dodos are just a little bit better than Qwaffles, that's why I am giving the win to the Dodos (they're only in the lead by 52% in my head; this game might just turn out differently).

Game 4: Seed 5 vs Seed 4
The Mighty and Amazing Quercs vs Barcelona Eagles

My head hurts when I start thinking about this game. I feel like giving the win to Eagles, but at the same time, I feel like I'm underrating the Quercs A LOT! The problem is that I don't know a lot about the UK teams and how they play on different positions. Barcelona has proved before that they can beat the Eagles with an 8-man squad. Barcelona now has the homeground advantage, are used to the warm weather, will have had more rest and less games and have a full squad. I think those are the main reason I'm thinking that the Eagles will win this one...

Game 5: Winner Game 1 vs Seed 1
Toulouse vs Los Conquidstadors

Toulouse is NOT strong enough to defeat Los Conquidstadors. Sorry Toulouse, maybe next time.

Losers Bracket - Round 1

Game 6: Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2
Sparcs vs Paris Phénix

Game 7: Loser Game 4 vs Loser Game 5
The Mighty and Amazing Quercs vs Toulouse QC

Game 8: Winner Game 6 vs Loser Game 3
Sparcs/Paris Phénix vs Brussels Qwaffles

Game 6: Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2
Sparcs vs Paris Phénix

If a phoenix gets struck by lighting, it'd die. But a phoenix regenerates out of its own ash. Losing to Lunatica will only want Phénix to be stronger and definitely not want to die against the Sparcs. Sparcs won't survive the wrath of the phoenix. Phénix is going to win this one. And the Sparcs will be eliminated from the tournament.

Game 7: Loser Game 4 vs Loser Game 5
The Mighty and Amazing Quercs vs Toulouse QC

I don't think Toulouse can survive this. The cross will be taken from the wall. Toulouse will be eliminated.

Game 8: Winner Game 6 vs Loser Game 3
Paris Phénix vs Brussels Qwaffles

The last time the Qwaffles played Paris Phénix was at the first tournament of last season: Brussels Muscles Invitational. The first game at that tournament was Qwaffles - Phénix. Phénix did win the game with 20 - 60*, so they were kinda struggling. This surprised a lot of people, since they were the reigning European Champion back then and went to World Cup VII  Both of these teams have improved since. I think if the Qwaffles played Phénix on the 2nd day at EQC, they could have beat them with just a bit. But I don't think that's going to happen at BMT. I think Phénix will win, purely because they believe in it. The moment Brussels gets into the Losers bracket, they won't care too much, they'll play for fun and see what will happen. Phénix is all about winning and want to advance, so they'll do everything to win.

Winners Bracket - Round 2

Game 9: Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3
Lunatica QC vs Deurne Dodos 

These teams have met before in the group stages at EQC. Lunatica took it away with a 20 - 60* win. This will be a close game that shall be decided on a snitch catch. And we all know by now who has the best seeker... Lunatica...

Game 10: Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 4
Los Conquidstadors vs Barcelona Eagles

The last time the Eagles played a British team, was at EQC. That time it was versus the current European and British champions: Oxford Chimeras. The Chimeras destroyed the Eagles with a 140* - 20 shutdown. I don't think the Eagles want to see that happening again. Unfortunately, I do think Eagles are going to lose this game... British quidditch is just bigger and better. And mainland Europe just doesn't know a lot about the players/teams from there. The mainland European teams only really know Oxford... I think Los Conquidstadors can be as strong as Oxford, and beat the Eagles.

Losers Bracket - Round 2

Game 11: Loser Game 9 vs Winner Game 7
Barcelona Eagles vs Paris Phénix

The Battle of the Birds numero 3. Why n°3? The record between these teams are 1 - 1. The first time they played, Barcelona won. The 2nd time they played (in the same tournament), Paris Phénix won. This is the final game of the day, and the exhaustion and effects of drought will be kicking in with Phénix. Eagles are a better team since Brussels Muscles and EQC. Phénix only stepped up their game a little since. I think Barcelona is going to advance to the next day if this would be a fixture, but I wouldn't dare to bet on it...

Game 12: Loser Game 10 vs Winner Game 8
The Mighty and Amazing Quercs vs Deurne Dodos

Group rematch! But I think it will result in the same: a win for Dodos.

Winners Bracket - Semi-Finals (Day 2)

Game 13: Winner Game 9 vs Winner Game 10
Lunatica QC vs Los Conquidstadors

I'm getting tired and I'm on a deadline. From now on I'm just going to say who I think the winner will be and not why. Winner: Los Conquidstadors

Losers Bracket - Quarter and Semis (Day 2)

Game 14: Winner Game 12 vs Winner Game 11
Barcelona Eagles vs Deurne Dodos

Barcelona is going to win.

Game 15: Winner Game 14 vs Loser Game 13
Barcelona Eagles vs Lunatica QC

Lunatica is going to win, Barcelona is finishing this tournament with a 3th place.


Game 16: Winner Game 13 vs Winner Game 15
Los Conquidstadors vs Lunatica QC

I seriously could write about this forever, but if I would follow me own logic from the beginning on, Los Conquidstadors will win.


1) Los Conquidstadors
2) Lunatica QC
3) Barcelona Eagles
4) Deurne Dodos
5) Paris Phénix
6) The Mighty and Amazing Quercs
7) Brussels Qwaffles
8) Toulouse QC
9) Sparcs

Thanks for reading!

I'm so tired right now. I've been working on this almost the whole day and wish I wrote more. I hope you like it.

P.S.: The ranking is based on who's eliminated last to first. The first one eliminated gets the 9th place, the one not eliminated fets the first place.

P.P.S.: sorry for less fancy graphics than the previous parts. 

maandag 1 september 2014

Barcelona Moustaches Time - Group 2 Predictions

Welcome back everybody. It seems like you quite enjoyed my prediction on the first group. I didn't get any death threats, so that's a good sign. Anyway, what will follow are my predictions for Group 2.

Group 2 - Games

To some called the Group of Italians (because there will be an Italian playing in Toulouse AND Qwaffles; and of course Lunatica themselves), to me called the Group of Revenge and New Opportunities. With the Barcelona Eagles (3th place at Brussels Muscles Invitational), Lunatica QC (Italian national champions and 4th place at EQC) and Toulouse QC (ehm....), this will be an a group full of revenge and new opportunities, hence the super original name.

9:00 - Lunatica QC vs Barcelona Eagles
A game of opportunities. The Wolves and the Eagles have never faced each other before in a tournament not any friendly. Both of the teams both want to play each other, and here it finally is. The opening game of the tournament (well... on pitch 1) and already so important in this group. Lunatica has the best papers as national champion and almost a bronze medal at EQC. But the Eagles have a home ground advantage. The heat (it will be around 26°C) will not be a problem for both of the teams, they're used to it. I think this game will come down to strong chasing and not really beating. Although Lunatica's beaters will their hands full with smart plays from Barcelona. Lunatica nor Eagles have the strongest beater play. Lunatica is a strong team that can endure anything physical, but are not really physical themselves. Although, Lunatica is a fast team (mostly thanks to Andrea Miglietta). They can have a head start really quickly and then have all their forces on defense. If they combine that with their god seeker Davide Termite, they could win easily. And that's probably exactly what they might do. But the Eagles have seen Lunatica several times and know exactly what they can and shall do. But the Eagles are not mentally strong as Lunatica is to come back, so if the Eagles don't come out with a quick snitch catch, it's not going to work for them. That's why I give the win to Lunatica. 

9:40 - Brussels Qwaffles vs Toulouse QC
A year ago, Toulouse would have been able to beat the Qwaffles. But not today. Even with only a 13-men roster of the Qwaffles, they should not have any problem. With 8 people who were essential for the bronze medal at EQC, they should have no problem with Toulouse. But it's still a great opportunity for Toulouse to see where they can improve for the next games. 

11:00 - Toulouse QC vs Lunatica QC
A cross doesn't stop wolves... Lunatica should not have any problem with Toulouse. This is just an opportunity for the Italians to come on top of the group. 

11:00 - Barcelona Eagles vs Brussels Qwaffles
Aye caramba! When these 2 teams came into the same group, the whole Eagle-Qwaffle-game at EQC just flashed in front of me. The 90*^-30 score might look not exciting at all, but if you have seen this game, you'll know how exciting this was. With a quick lead from the Eagles by scoring 3 hoops, Qwaffles were struggling. But the Qwaffles' "snitchkiller" did find a way to come back by grabbing the snitch. 30*-30 and going to overtime. And in overtime, Qwaffles were unstoppable because of their keeper, beaters and of course seeker. And all the players who were important back then, will meet the Eagles again. This time not in Brussels, but in Barcelona. Yes, I'll be playing with the Qwaffles. But you should know that I'm also an honorary member of the Barcelona Eagles, but in fact, I'm a chaser in the Ghent Gargoyles upcoming season. My teammates are going to kill me, but I think the Eagles will now come out on top. Purely because I don't think Qwaffles will have a proper strategy nor proper communication on pitch to their mercs. Eagles will know what to do. As long as the Qwaffles' seeker does not catch the snitch early in game, Eagles should win this... but it will be close. 

12:20 - Toulouse QC vs Barcelona Eagles
Anyone who played any game in the Assassins Creed Ezio trilogy knows that Ezio jumped off a cross a few times to murder some people. Ezio = eagle. Cross = Toulouse logo.Was that already a sign for this game? Probably not, but that wouldn't stop Barcelona to make it true. They have done it before (like... 5 times or something). I hope you readers know that I'm talking about Barcelona defeating Toulouse and not Barcelona actually jumping off the backs of Toulouse to murder people...

12:20 - Lunatica QC vs Brussels Qwaffles
Once again a rematch from EQC. The bronze medal game in fact. They only played once before. And Qwaffles won. But Brussels could have lost it easily. Lunatica made some last minute mistakes, that could bring Qwaffles back into the game. And if you give the Qwaffles the comeback, they'll win. They proved it versus NTNUI, Barcelona Eagles, Dodos and Lunatica. Qwaffles is the team of the comeback. But you can also call Lunatica a team of comebacks. Just think about the final on the Italian national championships versus Milano Meneghins. They were 9 (!) hoops down and still got it into overtime where they did win in the end! No comebacks will happen in this game. It will be close on quaffle points. Both teams have excellent chasers and beaters. So it might just come down to the snitch catch. And with on both sides brilliant seekers: Nicolas on the Qwaffles, Davide on Lunatica. But I don't feel the win of the Qwaffles (this could change during the week), and actually think Lunatica might squeeze themselves out of this game. It'll be close.

Final Conclusion
1) Lunatica QC: 3 - 0
2) Barcelona Eagles: 2 - 1
3) Brussels Qwaffles: 1 - 2
4) Toulouse QC: 0 - 3

P.S.: I'm not a professional. This prediction is probably horrible and I might get an angry mob of people after me (especially my own team... (It's not that I don't have faith in us, I just think the other teams might be a little stronger than us)). I'm sorry if I have insulted anyone or any team; I love you all as a person. This is my personal feeling at THIS moment and can technically change during the week.

P.S.S.: Thanks to Lunatica Q.C. for the graphics (and no people, this is not why I put them on top). 

zondag 31 augustus 2014

Barcelona Moustaches Time - Group 1 Predictions

Hello everyone, welcome to part 2 of my preview of Barcelona Moustaches Time. Yesterday I gave you a brief review of what the different teams have accomplished in the past and what's so special about them. Today, I'll be looking at group 1 and writing my personal opinion on what the most important games will be, what teams might end on top, and what teams might be struggling. As I said before, in part 1, this is my opinion and I don't know all the qualities of every player/team. Let's get started!

Group 1 - Games

The group that I like to call, the group of death. Just like Group C at EQC, this group is full of top teams. Paris Phénix (EQC runner-ups), Deurne Dodo's (upcoming powerhouse), the Quercs (full of talented team UK players), Los Conquidstadors (just as the Quercs, full of talented UK players) and the Sparcs (the Spanish merc team). Some players might have faced off before, and some will experience the strength for the first time.

9:00 - Deurne Dodo's vs Los Conquidstadors
This group starts with a pretty good fixture. With Dodos and Los Conquidstadors starting, this will give a great inside on how both teams will do for the rest of the game. The last time the Dodos played an English team, was at EQC, where they lost versus Oxford Quidlings with 30-90*. The team was not ready for that game. In my opinion, if they would play again, the Dodos might win. No-one from the Conquidstadors has ever played the Dodos in their life before, so this is a really interesting fixture. This game will be important for this whole group. This will be a close game. Although, I think Los Conquidstadors will win. The Dodos are a driving-the-quaffle-to-hoops team and have not the best organised defense, and will be struggling with female chasers. UK teams are organised very well in defense and can make the tackles on the driving chasers. It'll still be hard for Los Conquidstadors to get through the amazing beater duo: Inke Gieghase and Louis Lermytte, but I think they can do it. But if the Dodos read this, they'll love to prove me wrong. Good luck to both teams.

9:40 - The Mighty and Amazing Quercs vs Sparcs
I don't have much to say about this game. In my opinion Quercs will win. Too many Sparcers lack experience, if they do have any at all. The Quercs will take this one away without any real problem. This will be the ideal Querc moment to figure out how they'll play for the rest of the day. If they do not find their "mojo" in the first game, it might be too late in the second one...

10:20 - Los Conquidstadors vs The Mighty and Amazing Quercs
The Battle of UK. When Portuguese/Spanish soldiers tried conquering South-America, they did not encounter a weird pink species. If they did, they would probably not have called that species "Querc". But now 6 centuries later, they have an encounter. Not in South-America, but on the homeground of the original conquistadors. But those conquerors have evolved to quidditch playing athletes, just like the the pink species. Maybe 6 centuries ago, they did encounter each other and a great rivalry was born. There have been some friendly threats back and forth, ready to settle it once and for all. But the firearms and spears are replaced by brooms, bludgers, a quaffle and a snitch. The brooms will be taken by all of them; the quaffle will go back and forth; the bludger will cause blood; and the snitch will be caught. Whole this game will be decided on the beaters. And because the Quercs will not have experienced beaters and L.C. will have really experienced (Team UK) chasers to get through those beaters. Although all players really know each other what makes it really complicated. If this was a football game, this would end in a draw. So everything might come down to a snitch catch. Looking at the gameplay schedule, an Eagle is going to be the snitch. No Eagle has any snitch certification, so the moment the snitch gets on pitch he/she might just get caught. So no real need for experienced seekers. Why is it so hard to say who's going to win? Because I don't know a lot of people from L.C. and T.M.A.A.Q. are playing on their least favoured positions. And purely because of that, I think Los Conquidstadors will win. I'm sorry Quercs, I believe in you and love you all, but just out of my personal thought now, you might just lose by a bit. Also, L.C. will have had some rest, you guys just come from a game against the Sparcs.

10:20 - Sparcs vs Paris Phénix
First performance from Paris Phénix on this tournament and the season. Phénix should not have any problems with the Sparcs. The Sparcs need to go into this game right after playing the Quercs. Phénix will not go all out in this, but will still win. Hands down.

11:40 - Paris Phénix vs Los Conquidstadors

Aaaah.... the great French team vs a British team. This is some actual history. The Anglo-French War, the Hundred Years' War, ... heck. They were even fighting in the American War of Indepence. We have seen Phénix vs Chimeras in quidditch before. We have seen France vs UK in quidditch before. We have seen tears and smiles. We have seen broken brooms and war cries. We have seen tackles and amazing battles. But it all comes down to this. If Los Conquidstadors win this game, they're pretty much the winner of this group. And why not. With 5 Team UK chasers vs just a few Team France chasers, I definitely think L.C. can take this one away. French teams are known for not the best beaters, and Paris would need them to defeat a UK team. *epic Tekken voice* "Los Conquidstadors win!"

11:40 - The Mighty and Amazing Quercs vs Deurne Dodos
This game will remind a lot of the Conquidstadors vs Dodos and Conquidstadors vs Quercs game. It'll be close. And just like I said earlier, I need to say a name. And you know what, Deurne Dodos will win. I don't know why. I just feel like it now. If there's one team who has the fighting spirit, it's the Dodos. "Extinction can't stop us" is their slogan, and that's exactly what they will do. They'll keep fighting. And. Take. It. Away. I said it now. Dodos surprised us at EQC, so why not again? They defeated Paris Frog before, again a surprise. Why not Quercs?

 13:00 - Deurne Dodos vs Paris Phénix
Phénix is losing some of it's reign. They have bean beaten by Paris Frog several times. As far as I know, they're not bringing their top chaser and seeker "Tarzan". Phénix will have a hard time against the Dodos. The Beakbirds swallowed the Frog before. So did the Firebirds. But at this moment, the Dodos are a little stronger. And will win this game. Dodos actually are remembered in history. A phoenix is just a mythological creature. If Dodos do win this game, they'll be remembered in history once again. And I think they will be remembered in history.

13:00 - Los Conquidstadors vs Sparcs

Again, Sparcs will not have a chance. Conquidstadors, you have just conquered my mind and the group. Congratulations.

14:20 - Sparcs vs Dodos
Is the reason why dodos don't exist anymore because they were hit by lightning? No-one knows. This spark of Sparcs will not threaten the rebirth of the race of Dodos. I would say the Dodos will fly over them, but dodos can't fly.... So.... they... bite them... to death? I don't know how dodos killed their enemies.... Not saying that they'll kill the Sparcs... they'll just defeat them.

14:20 - Paris Phénix vs The Mighty and Amazing Quercs

Final chance for both of the teams. But the Quercs are not going to let this one go. Phénix, I want to believe in you, but I'm just not feeling it. The Quercs will play way smarter. How? Don't ask me. That's just how I feel (*music starts to play*).

Final conclusion

1) Los Conquidstadors: 4 - 0
2) Deurne Dodos: 3 - 1
3) The Mighty and Amazing Quercs: 2 - 2
4) Paris Phénix: 1 - 3
5) Sparcs: 0 - 4

Join me tomorrow for my predictions on Group 2.

P.S.: I'm not a professional. This prediction is probably really horrible and I'll probably get an angry mob of people after me. I'm sorry if I have insulted anyone or any team. I love you all as a person. This is my personal feeling at THIS moment and can technically already change by tomorrow. (Really sorry if I offended anyone. I really really do and I really don't mean it). 

P.S.S.: Thanks to Lunatica Q.C. for the graphics.

zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

Barcelona Moustaches Time - Team Introductions

It's been a while, no? With only 7 days to go before the start of the Barcelona Moustache Time tournament, it was time to write a preview. I never really done any public preview, so let's give it a try! This is my opinion, I respect any other opinion, as long as you respect mine. This is based on what I've seen and heard last season.

Introductions to the teams

Los Conquidstadors

To be honest, I don't know much about this merc team from the UK. With players from Southampton, Oxford, Reading, Keele, Leeds and more, this team is definitely not any team to take lightly. I personally have not seen a lot of players from this team playing, but with 5 (!) team UK chasers, that nearly did not take the bronze medal at Global games, they'll know for sure what they are doing. They want to take over Barcelona with their quidditch, and they sure will be trying.

Deurne Dodos

This name might be still unfamiliar for some, but this is the revamped Belgian Beerters from last season. With a squad mostly familiar to the last EQC, where they took the 6th place and qualified for the IQA World Cup VII, they'll sure be a squad not easy to beat. With winning a few games in the season versus the Brussels Qwaffles, Paris Frog and the Belgian Gryffins (the Belgian national team) late last season, it'll be looking forward to this team. Although, with some flaws in their defense and mostly driving the quaffle on hoops, this team might experience some problems in their group. There's also a rumour going around that one of their top chasers, Seppe de Wit, might not be coming because of an injury.

Barcelona Eagles

The home team. Barcelona Eagles is definitely a familiar name. The Eagles were nominated for the IQA swag award and are a strong force into the European community. With appearances at Brussels Muscles Invitational and EQC, teams definitely know how strong they can be. At Brussels Muscles, they took a 3th place after surprisingly defeating Paris Phénix in the Winners Bracket, but lost to Paris Frog and later again to Phénix in the losers bracket. I wrote in my last review that they were favourites for qualifying for World Cup, but failed to take a top 6 spot at EQC. With a new wind blowing under the Eagle wings, they sure can surprise even the best teams.

Lunatica Quidditch Club

Defending Italian champions and a 4th place at EQC. Their captain, Andrea Miglietta, was supposed to be the coach of the national Italian team. As many of you may know, the Italian national team could not attend Global Games because of financial reasons. But if they did, Andrea would have lead this team to maybe a 4th place. With just a 8-men squad, the Wolves (like I like to call them) almost took the bronze medal at European Regionals. They have the fighting spirit, they have the force, they have the experience. Do I have to say anything more?

Paris Phénix

EQC ('13-14) runner-ups, winners of Brussels Muscles Invitational, with plenty of players who took a 6th place at the 2014 Global Games with Team France. I'm not sure who's coming from Phénix, but we don't really have to know. We always know Paris Phénix is a strong force in Europe. If you need to play Phénix, you're not sure what to expect. Last season, I gave them the suggestion to not get pissed and down if they lost a game and read up on the rules. And it definitely has improved. There's no tournament where they have not finished outside the top 3. Can they do it again?

Brussels Qwaffles

Bronze medalists at the last EQC, with plenty of players who did play on the Belgian Gryfifns (the national team) at Global Games. With a full 21 player squad, they were unexpected to take the 3th place at EQC. But they did. But quidditch is growing in Belgium and a lot of players are leaving the Qwaffles to start their own team or play on a team closer where they live. Luckily they can count on their trusty beaters, Damien Leclair and Laura Mailleux, who made it hard for any chaser at EQC. They'll also get support from myself, Michele Clabassi (Milano Meneghins) and 2 Polish merc players.

The Mighty and Amazing Quercs

The most pink team you'll ever see, comprised of some top players from the UK. With plenty of players who played on Team UK. It's pretty much Team UK, but just not all of them, and added with some others. There's one catch... they'll play on their less favoured positions. Like this we'll see the Oxford/UK chaser duo, Twistolajczak, will be beating, while the mortal beating "Messiah", James "Jesus" Burnett, will be putting shots on hoops as chaser. Teams will have to look out for Alex Greenhalgh though. His least favoured position is seeker, but he sure knows how to catch them, like he proved at Global Games.

The (Spanish) Sparcs

This is probably the team we least know about. It's a merc team full of Spanish players that not play with Barcelona Eagles. And that's all I know. I don't know who will be playing or what their qualities are. They can be amazing or they can be not the best at all. We'll have to figure all this out in 7 days.

Toulouse Quidditch

The last time I've seen this team, was at Brussels Muscles Invitational. They sure will want to play some great games against some great European teams. With the French Cup and their own Tournament de Violette, they want to get some experience. They are one of the oldest teams in Europe, but were never a real name into Europe, and are still not completely up to date with the rules. Last season, they played friendlies (about 6) with Barcelona Eagles, and could only win one. I'm not sure what to expect from them, but anything can happen.

Join me tomorrow for my predictions on the group stages! 

dinsdag 26 november 2013

Brussels Muscles Invitational

23 November 2013
Forest, Brussels


The Belgian Qwaffles (hey! That's me!) and the Belgian Beerters organized their first - and the first European tournament of the year called Brussels Muscles Invitational (Belgium really likes their puns).  The tournament had 7 team: 6 of them official.

Due time constraints, having 1 pitch, and an annoying amount of 7 teams, the tournament was a double elimination bracket play. This meaning losing the first time, is going into the Losers Bracket; winning: advancing in the Winners Bracket. Losing in the Losers Bracket meant elimination. Winning into the Losers Bracket was advancing. The winner of the Winners Bracket played in the finals to the winner of the Losers Bracket. Because there were 7 teams, Toulouse Quidditch advanced to round 2 automatically.

The tournament should have started at 10 am, but due some problems with the accommodation, the tournament only started around 11.15am.

Round 1 Winners Bracket

Paris Frog 140* - Belgian Beerters 0 

The first game was the 2nd Belgian team versus the almighty Paris Frog. Nobody really thought the Belgian Beerters were going to defeat the Frogs. That didn't happen either.

After 19 minutes, Frogs finally caught the snitch when they were already winning with 0-110. The final score: 0-140*. The Beerters never played a game before, and some of the players (actually a lot of players) never played before. There was some talent, but the Frogs were still better.

Belgian Beerters advanced to the Losers Bracket, but because they were into the top of the Winners Bracket in the first game, they got into the 2nd round of the Losers Bracket.

Lille Black Snitches 50* - Barcelona Eagles 90^

Lille Black Snitches and Barcelona Eagles played the 2nd game in Round 1. Eagles, all the way from Spain, never played a game before, and were definitely not used to the "bad" weather and the muddy underground.

Nobody really knew who was going to win this game, so we just had to watch. Barcelona took a good start with some very good passing and keeping the bludger supremacy. The score was 20-50 till the Black Snitches caught the snitch. None of the teams were keeping scores, so Lille just jumped on the field, thinking they had won. They didn't win yet. The score of the regulation time was 50* - 50.

So they got in Overtime. Barcelona scored in the first 30 seconds of OT again, and after 40 seconds the seeker of the Eagles caught the snitch. The captain of Lille was not happy with the decision of the Snitch Ref on the catch, because along him, the snitch was down (he was on hands and feet). The Snitch Referee decided he wasn't and counted the catch as good. Score of OT: 0 - 40*.

Final score: 50* - 90^. Lille Black Snitches got into the first round in the Losers Bracket. Barcelona Eagles advanced.

Belgian Qwaffles 30 - Paris Phenix 60*

Everyone was curious what the level was of the European champion. Their first game in the tournament was versus the new kid in town: the Belgian Qwaffles.

As from the game started, Phenix had a lot of problems coming through the Qwaffles' beaters. Paris did make the first 2 goals. On a counter, one of the (better) Belgian chasers got tackled and injured for the rest of the game. Also, with that tackle, the first broken broom was a fact.

As that chaser was me, I can't decide who was the better team. If my team was correct, one goal was actually not a goal, because both chasers were beat. The goal was counted good.

After 14 minutes, Phenix's seeker caught the snitch. Final score: 30 - 60*. The Belgian Qwaffles got into the first round of the Losers bracket; Paris Phenix advanced.

Round 2 Winners Bracket

Toulouse Quidditch 0 - Paris Frog 140*

Toulouse automatically advanced into Round 2. Paris Frog advanced after defeating Belgian Beerters. Toulouse was the only team on the tournament who was unofficial, so it kinda became a Merc team, with one extra player from the Netherlands.

It was no surprise to any of us that Paris Frog won the game. Final score after 13 minutes: 0 - 140*.

Toulouse got into the first round of the Losers bracket, Paris Frogs advanced to the Semi-Finals of the Winners Bracket.

Barcelona Eagles 50* - Paris Phenix 20

The battle of the birds. Barcelona and Paris Phenix both advanced into Round 2 after winning in Round 1. Barcelona had a close call in advancing, and everyone expected Paris Phenix winning this game. Even Barcelona Eagles.

With very good passing and tactical progress, the Eagles scored the first goal. Everyone on the Eagles were surprised they scored versus the European champion. It was a very tense game, and the game kept 20-20 'till the 23th minute. Eagle's seeker caught the snitch.

Nobody could believe it, not the Eagles, not Phenix: Eagles won. Eagles progressed to the Semi-Finals of the Winners Bracket. Paris Phenix, to everyone's surprise, got into the Round 2 of the Losers Bracket.

Round 1 Losers Bracket

Belgian Qwaffles 30 - Lille Black Snitches 50*

The first elimination game, the loser was going to get eliminated. The Belgian Qwaffles didn't want to get eliminated as first team on their own tournament.

It started good with a first goal of the Qwaffles after some good bludger dodging. But Lille came back very quickly with 2 goals while Qwaffles had problems coming through their beaters. It took a while, but Qwaffles came back to 30-20 (2 goals from the Qwaffles' ex-injured chaser). On the 9th minute, for some reason, the snitch came back on the field. The Qwaffles' beater was confused and didn't beat the Black Snitches' seeker. Lille caught the snitch.

Final score: 30-50*. Lille advanced in the Losers Bracket. The home team, Belgian Qwaffles, were eliminated from the tournament.

Round 2 Losers Bracket

Belgian Beerters 0 - Paris Phenix 200*

After the surprising defeat of Paris Phenix versus Barcelona Eagles, they came into the 2nd elimination game. There they met the 2nd Belgian team, Belgian Beerters, who lost versus the other Parisian team, Paris Frog.

It was well known to everyone that the Beerters were going to lose. So they did. Final score: 0 - 200*. At least the Beerters could play a game for 23 minutes before they were eliminated.

Paris Phenix advanced to the next round into the Losers Bracket, with still a shot on the Finals.

Lille Black Snitches 110* - Toulouse Quidditch 30

This game was weird. Nobody really showed interest in this game but Lille was just superior.

Captain Q. from Lille really showed his progress in his chasing (he was a seeker before) by scoring over 5 goals. Without really realizing, Toulouse scored 3 times. I think it's sad that nobody realized
how well Lille was playing. Their passing was good, the running was good, the teamwork was good. Everything was just good for them in that game.

Definitely an upcoming underdog for European Regionals. Lille advanced. Toulouse was eliminated.

Semi-Finals Winners Bracket

Paris Frog 70* - Barcelona Eagles 0

Barcelona Eagles winning versus Paris Phenix was one thing, but could they also defeat the other Parisian team? The answer is no. Paris Frog was dominating this game.

80% of the time, they were in quaffle possession. Well-timed tackles, stealing the ball, everything was good for the Frogs. The Frogs were playing aggressive, but correct. Barcelona had most of the time bludger supremacy, so it was not all too easy for the Frogs. After all, Frogs won with 4 goals and a snitch catch. Final Score: 70*-0.

Nothing too bad for Barcelona Eagles, cause they advanced to the Losers Bracket. Paris Frog was sure to play the Finals. But nobody knew versus who yet. It could be Eagles, Phenix, or Black Snitches.

The Game that decided who was going to play Barcelona Eagles for going to the Finals

Lille Black Snitches 20 - Paris Phenix 80*

There was something... special about this game. Everyone knew Paris Phenix was going to win this, but still.... Lille had played good before. Maybe there was going to be a surprise. But Phenix was still disappointed they had lost from the Eagles before. You could see it in their eyes. They were going to play Eagles again. The needed to go to the Finals.

The game started! And Paris was the better team.  Phenix's beaters hold their blugder supremacy and Paris scored very quickly without really any resistance.. Lille's chasers were not strong enough to hold off the beasts of Phenix. Lille did score twice, what's a big surprise (for Lille it was).

Final Score: 20 - 80*. Lille was eliminated, Paris in course for the finals. Just Barcelona... oh.... again?

Finals of the Losers Bracket

Barcelona Eagles 20 - Paris Phenix 100*

Rematch of the Birds. Last time they played, Eagles won (how many times did I mention this already?). This time was different. Eagles' keeper got injured in the last game they played. That made a problem for them, cause they didn't have any chaser-substitutes anymore. So beaters had to become chasers. Paris Phenix had enough substitutes.

The Eagles lost their excellent team-chasing-plays and had some problems going through the Parisian defense; they only scored 2 goals. Phenix had no problem with scoring 7 goals. The snitch was caught by Paris Phenix, meaning the game ended with a final score of 20-100*.

Eagles took a beautiful, surprising 3th place on the tournament. Paris Phenix was going to play the finals versus their true rival, Paris Frog.


Paris Frog 30 - Paris Phenix 60*

This was it! The big final! The European Final of last year... again! This game... just... oh...

This game has been stopped more than there was played. Not respecting the 2-minimum gender rule, multiple tackles from behind, the bad injury of one of Phenix's chasers (no penalty, just a bad fall after a totally legal action of a Frog-chaser when he made a goal), verbal offense to referees ... This was not a good game in game play or in sportsmanship. It was all so wrong, especially when it was 30-30.

There was a snitch-catch from Paris Frog, but the snitch nor the snitch-ref knew it. The snitch-ref notified the head ref quite late; and on that same moment, without anyone looking to the goals, Paris Frog made a goal. The goal and the snitch catch didn't count, so the Frogs were not happy about that.

The game got harder and harder and there was almost a fight on the field between 2 chasers of the teams. It was way too intense. Both of the teams were a little hard on the inexperienced referees.

And then it happened... the good snitch catch... from Paris Phenix. They won.

Final score: 30-60*. Paris Frog took a good 2nd place, but the first place was for Paris Phenix.

Spots + Can these teams go to World Cup?

(Edit note: This is my review and my opinions, I'm trying to be as honest as I can.)

#7 Belgian Qwaffles

The Qwaffles were not ready for this tournament yet. Give them some time and some better team spirit. They just need some better passing and tackling. We'll see what they will bring on European Regionals. I can see the Qwaffles ending in the top 6 of European Regionals, with some better luck. They were definitely not playing bad on Brussels Muscles, so I give them a chance (and I'm not only saying that cause I'm on that team).

#6 Belgian Beerters

If the Qwaffles go into top 6, I don't see Beerters qualifying. I only have seen 4 good players on the Beerters, with talent and doing effort. Because the Beerters and Qwaffles can still change their roster, I see these 4 players going to the Qwaffles, and the "worst" players going to the Beerters. Sorry guys.

#5 Toulouse Quidditch

Because Toulouse isn't an official team, and won't become one this year. Also with the playing qualities they have (that I have seen on the tournament (also... they were a Merc team... and they never played in that formation before)), I wouldn't even see them qualifying.

#4 Lille Black Snitches

They were good. Better than I thought. And the whole team wasn't even there. I'm pretty sure they can qualify. They have the quality. If they will is another question. They are missing that strength to break through some defense. Give them 1 extra strong chaser and the Black Snitches will win a lot of games. Also... their beaters just need to learn to keep the bludgers a little longer, cause if they are in bludger supremacy, they are mortal.

#3 Barcelona Eagles

The biggest surprise of the tournament, and probably even of European Quidditch today. Without ever playing a game before versus another team, they just took the 3th place and defeated Paris Phenix. Their passing and teamwork was so good! They were fair, they were honest, they were good, they have the looks, they were everything what a good quidditch team needs. 

 Give them some more substitutes and they'll take a Top 3-spot on European Regionals for sure.

#2 Paris Frog

The Frogs (or is it Frog? It's so confusing.)... They are good team, not complaining. They just forget that they don't have to win every game. Quidditch is not the game to complain about everything. They need to respect the officials a little more (referees can make mistakes too). On quality, there's no doubt they'll go to World Cup. And if they finally translate Rulebook 7 into French, they'll know their rules even better.

#1 Paris Phenix

Can the European Champion qualify again? Yes they can! Their quality is still good, they have the winners mentality; they are ready for it. They will become Top 3 for sure. They have the strength, the passing, the scoring, the seeker. I see a strong team. They just have to learn to not start being pissed if they lose! And also a French Rulebook 7 would help them a lot.

Thank you!

Thank you for being on the tournament everyone! I wish you all an amazing quidditch season and I'll see you all on European Regionals! Again congratulations to every team wherever they ended. Because after all, it doesn't really matter how good you are, you're all quidkids, you're actually crazy enough to play this on a "professional" level. Just stay awesome and I wish you all the best of luck for all the upcoming tournaments (if there are) and European Regionals!